Intelligent access control system designed to prevent apidemic


The epidemic has brought big changes to people’s work, among which the typical one is that it has changed the way people interact with each other and the way people interact with equipment. The traditional way of checking in  is easy to cause contact infection under the current situation. Therefore, VIDOSEC developed a new time & attendance system by facial technology. The available tempCam models :AFB27-E3 ,tempCam-09.

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With the countries are gradually restart the economy, many actual scenarios need to use temperature measurement equipment, but this is not a simple equipment can meet the proventing of the epidemic situation,VIDOSEC is combinating with various practical demands, has been developing a series of temperature measurement application platforms with face recognition technology as the core, which can be widely used in shops, schools, communities, airports, customs and other places to achieve the goal of accurate measurement, non-contact, labor saving and traceability. We can also customize the data control platform according to the specific application scenarios.

vidosec temperature screening solutions help thailand government to against covid 19


Earlier this week, Thailand authorities allowed department stores, shopping malls, and other businesses to reopen, selectively easing restrictions meant to combat the novel coronavirus. Life is gradually getting back to normal at a very slow pace. How to prevent and control the epidemic under the current situation is a problem that must be solved.

In April, VIDOSEC-EON group provided enhanced temperature screening solutions and products to department of correction , including VS-AFB27-E3, VS-AFB28-E4, and other temperature equipment products, to help the city to recover.VIDOSEC solutions with non-contact temperature screening, mask-wearing detection and fast deployment, is very reliable and efficient.

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