About Us

Our Mission

Vidosec Global is committed to providing intelligent video security products & solutions based on AIOT technologies to millions enterprises clients globally

Our Core Value

Innovation,Involvement, Dedication, Persistence are the core values of Vidosec global. We keep persisting on developing innovative technologies and products, sharing the value with our global partners and society.

Our Core Products and Solutions

As a leading provider of converged intelligent security solutions, Vidosec global is committed to providing comprehensive IP Biometrics access control, time attendance solutions, IP video surveillance solutions to enterprises based on cloud, AIoT  technologies.

Vidosec Highlights

Innovative culture

With 7 years innovative technology development, Vidosec becomes a fast-growing provider of intelligent security solution.

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Why VIDOSEC Products?

What makes our products different from the rest?

In the security filed , there are countless engineers working hard every day to create the ¡°next big thing¡± that will get their company into the spotlight. With all these new things coming into the market daily,

how will you know what to sell to your customers without asking these questions? Will it work per specs?

How long will it work? What happens if it goes obsolete? What if I need help understanding it?

Will I be able to teach my customer how to use it? Will it have updates to work on new system ?

There are multi million dollar manufacturing companies have been rolling out products so fast ,sometimes they don¡¯t have the time to fully test their products in mass scale because they have deadlines. Do you really want to sell a product to your customers without knowing what will happen? There are numerous other things going through your mind when running a business that thinking of these important product issues can make your daily life difficult.

This is what makes VIDOSEC and their products different, VIDOSEC do this by constant research, creative design , strict product testing , controlled sales and listening closely to customer feedback, that is the key. We are willing to design products that work seamlessly with other products in the market thus, creating a trouble free integration across the board.


What makes VIDOSEC Support Different from the rest?

What makes our support different from the rest?

To sum it up in a short phrase. WE CARE YOUR BUSINESS AND YOUR REPUTATION!

Customers that have known VIDOSEC for years will tell you. The guys have been trouble shooting stuff for years and are 100% focused on helping their customers make a good impression to the end-users. No one can hide from it, technology keeps changing and even VIDOSEC techs have to learn new things on a daily basis. Keeping up with these changes is getting more and more difficult so we help you with that overgrowing burden.

We gather gossip, info, and real-life results from our everyday calls and use that to make your job easier. It¡¯s as if you hired an experienced technician that works with you through your daily work without you having to worry about top dollar salaries or them stealing your customers if they go rogue. In a nut shell, the one-on-one relationship VIDOSEC has with its customers has been the critical key to its continued success.

VIDOSEC learned that the only way can answer customer question quickly is if a technician takes the call. When you need something, you will talk or chat with a tech which saves you time and headaches. VIDOSEC techs have gone as far as to do turnkey presentations with the end-user present to ensure that any difficult questions get answered quickly while enhancing the distributor or installers status with his customer.

We look forward to your stay.

Oliver Luo


Since Vidosec found,we are proud to offer our products and solution worldwide as the fast-growing manufacturer of solutions for network camera, Nvr etc. A comprehensive coverage of global marketing and after-sales service makes Vidosec one of the best companies to do business with. Vidosec provides full technical support for our customers and even local service through our partners.  Vidosec products and solutions cover all types of business, from small companies to the enterprise level specialized in different spheres: government, law, retail, industrial, commercial, financial, medical and educational institutions.

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