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Tired of Network Cameras That Don't Fit Your Project?

Elegant and discreet, engineered to provide superior security with style.

Partners In Customized Security Cameras

For security directors tired of one-size-fits-all surveillance systems, VIDOSEC provides customized cameras scaled to your needs. Since 2014, we’ve combined manufacturing and innovation to deliver AI-powered camera solutions that grow with you. Our team becomes an extension of yours, collaborating to integrate the latest technologies into flexible platforms that tell your unique brand story. 

Comprehensive Custom Security Solutions

Tailored cameras, seamless integration, innovative collaborations

OEM/ODM Manufacturing

Provide original design and equipment manufacturing for clients to brand products as their own.

Intelligent Security Integration

Assist with integrating cameras into comprehensive systems like license plate recognition and access control etc.


Engage in collaborative R&D with clients and partners to innovate new camera tech, analytics, AI, and predictive security.

Advanced Intelligent Camera

VIDOSEC’s proven solutions for robust security

1/2.8″ 8MP; Moto Lens 2.7-13.5mm; 45m IR; 65m Array LED;WDR, HLC, Defog; H.265+/H.265; 256GB, ONVIF; Intelligent Analytics

1/2.8″ 5MP; Moto Lens 2.7-13.5mm; 40m IR; WDR, HLC, Defog; H.265+/H.265; 256GB, ONVIF; People Counting, Facial Recognition

1/2.8″ 2MP; Moto Lens 2.8-12mm view, WDR, HLC, Defog; H.265+/H.265; 256GB, ONVIF; People Counting, Facial Recognition

1/2.8″ 5MP; 105.2° view, 20m ; WDR, HLC, Defog; H.265+/H.265; 256GB, ONVIF; Heatmap, People Counting

Why VIDOSEC is the Right Choice

With over a decade of experience providing customized security solutions, VIDOSEC has proven expertise you can trust.


Innovative Technology

We continuously integrate cutting-edge capabilities like AI, advanced analytics, and edge processing to keep our solutions ahead of the curve.


Affordable Pricing

Our solutions provide unmatched value, with intelligent camera systems at competitive prices scaled for organizations of all sizes.

Tailored Solutions

We collaborate to deliver customized surveillance cameras and software expertly tuned to your specific environmental, operational, and integration requirements.

Reliable Performance

We rigorously design, test, and deploy our tamper-proof cameras to deliver uncompromising performance and availability even in harsh conditions. 

Served -

VIDOSEC delivers intelligent, customized security solutions relied upon by governments and large enterprises across various sectors.

Royal thai police

Chaipattana Foundation

Royal Thai Air Force

Ready to Upgrade Your Security?

Our experts are ready to deliver tailored, intelligent surveillance perfectly suited to your operations.

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